Would like a trigger and regular nodes that integrate with Process Street (, a workflow management tool (basically sophisticated checklists). I use Process Street to assign tasks to people on my team.

I would like a trigger node that supports the “New Task Checked” action.

I would also like a regular node that supports:

  • Creating a checklist
  • Finding a checklist


I looked into using the http request node to create a checklist in Process Street, but they only offer API support for enterprise customers and offer Zapier and webhook support for non-enterprise customers.

Figured that they might be open to setting up an integration with n8n for the same Zapier user-case so I reached out to their support to see if they’d be open to working with n8n to create an integration and they said that they can be contacted at [email protected]

Not a huge priority since I can use their webhooks to get data on completed tasks, but will need to keep creating new checklists in Zapier until there is an integration with n8n.