Processing next item with waiting for the call to another workflow to finish


I have split my workflow into smaller function that could be running in parallel.

I have set it all up to use a node to call the workflow for the next step, and in the next step one to receive that call.

I was surprised that it would wait for the second step to finish before processing the next item in that loop.

Now from reading the forum and from trying out several solutions, I have made it work in parallel by using the HTTP request node on one end, and the Receive webhook node on the other hand. It works but it seems complicated.

I’m wondering if I’m missing something or if it is just a missing feature.

We could have a simple switch in the call another workflow node like “skip wait for response”.

But before creating yet another feature request, I wanted to make sure there wasn’t a way to set the “call another workflow” node so that it would actually keep processing items in the loop instead of wait for that other workflow to finish.


Afaik the only method is with a webhook/http request node like you said.

+1 for a Feature request for an option like “skip wait for response”.


Hi folks, you’re quite right, the Webhook/HTTP Request approach is the way to go for now (and I know this can be confusing, I was actually talking about this with @Mattias_Pettersson the other day).

I’ve converted your question into a feature request so you can vote on it (I thought this already exists as a request, but I couldn’t find it just now).


This is a very good feature.

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Thank you for your answer and the change to feature request!

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