Production Mode

Hello guys i just started Using n8n and i have a small problem while trying to use the getWorkflowStaticData() method.

As i know that the workflow needs to be in a production mode to let for example a simple counter to count up (in a specific interval) while getting his data from the Get-Method.

Can you please tell me how can i activate the production mode or in general how can i use n8n in the production mode to let the data change every time the interval-node gets executed?

Welcome to the community @Binary_Freak!


If you execute a workflow manually via the “Execute Workflow” button it is in Test-Mode.

If you activate a workflow via the Activate-Toggle in the top-right corner and it then runs (so whenever one of the Trigger-Nodes triggers a workflow), it executes the workflow in Production-Mode.

Hope that helps!