Production Webhook not Triggering

I have a workflow that starts with a Webhook. The webhook is configured in PaperTrail to send data (if their is any) every minute. The workflow works seamlessly with the Test URL and I manually push data from PaperTrail with their test button while the test workflow is active. The workflow does not work when the URL changed to the production version. I dont believe PT is the issue as I have a Zapier webhook on the same event that receives the data just fine. URL has been changed from localhost to be our own, and the workflow is active.

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Are you sure it does not run? Production webhook calls will not be displayed in the UI live. So I assume it runs but you are not aware of it. Do you have the workflow or n8n set to save successful executions and did you then afterwards check the past executions?

Thanks! and thanks for your quick response!!
Yes I have it saving executions and I have checked the log it is only showing the manual executions. I should have mentioned the point of the workflow is to push PT logs to slack. I have a similar job set up in Zapier and its getting data as it comes in and pushing to slack. The manual executions push to slack just fine. Its been active since the end of last week and I dont see anything in the execution log nor am I getting anything in slack.

Very strange. Did you try to call the webhook manually via Postman or curl?

Hey Jan,

So I was able to successfully call the webhook with a curl from my machine, so I opened up a ticket with PT. We need to be able to set an intermediate SSL cert, but we do not see any variable in the documentation for an intermediate cert.

Sorry sadly no SSL expert (not even much knowledge at all about that in general), so you would have to do some research. You should have received that information from whoever you bought the certificate from.

But as far as I know, is that on you to combine them manually. So you have to append the intermediate SSL cert to the certificate (the one you set via N8N_SSL_CERT). With appending really just copying together the content of thost “cert text-files”.

This is it, so depending on the format you can just copy and base the encoded data into one file or you can do it using the OpenSSL command line tool.

I often end up getting people using Keystore explorer as it is easier with a UI if you don’t know what you are doing but there are plenty of examples out there if needed.

Just whatever you do make sure you don’t send anyone your private key.

Thanks for pointing us in the right direction! My team was able to consolidate all 3 of our certs to make PT happy. All is working as it should now!!

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Glad to hear! Nice to hear that my half-knowledge was helpful.

Have fun!