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Hey hi, Nico here :smiley:

I have a quick question!

I’ve checking this doc Prometheus, and also this one Observability on n8n.

Is it possible that only in Queue Mode, Main exposes metric to be gathered by Prometheus?

Cause I set up Prometheus + Grafana, and only metrics from Main are shown.

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Hi @Nicolas_Andres_Calvo, I am not sure if we also expose metrics for workers tbh and if there are any additional prerequisites for this. Perhaps @krynble can help with this question?

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Any advices are super welcome! We’ve picked Prometheus cause we found it in the official doc. And we’re Kubernetes based nowadays.

How Workers and infra in general are monitored in N8N team? :blush:



Hello @Nicolas_Andres_Calvo

Currently there are no worker specific metrics, since workers don’t have an HTTP request built in (only webhook processes do similar to what’s available on the main process).

This would need to be implemented in another way.

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