Promote commonality & maintainability by simplifying working with subflows

The idea is:

Stimulate re-use by making use of ‘sub-flows’ much simpler, based on node-red experience, the idea’s/requirements could be:

  1. when a user selects multiple nodes and clicks convert selected nodes to subflow
    -a a subflow is generated automatically
    -b and the selected nodes are replaced by a execute workflow
  2. The execute workflow node has an option to directly open the subflow and make changes to the ‘root’ subflow
  3. a user can easily implement the subflow in new workflows by e.g. clicking ‘+’ sign (e.g. ‘All’, ‘Regular’, ‘Trigger’, ‘subFlows’)

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

  • promotes commonality and maintainability by simplifying re-using flows/code. These three concepts are key programming (design) principles for scalable and maintainable code code

Any resources to support this?

Example of implementation: subflows in node-red

Are you willing to work on this?

I can give tips and brainstorm + test