Provision new SSL certificate on self-hosted version

I’ve followed all the steps outlined on this page to set up n8n in my self-hosted environment. Everything works fine, except for the SSL certificate which complaints about being on an unsecured connection. Is there a way to provision a new certificate? Should I just restart docker-compose or is there more to it?

In step 6, did you replace by your email?

Hi @huuich,

Yes I updated that indeed as well

Hey @mdings,

Traefik should automatically handle it unless it has an hit an error with the config or can’t reach the servers required to do it. It would be worth starting by checking the Traefik containers logs that should give more of an idea of what went wrong.

You could also restart the container to see if that works, I take it the URL you are using can be reached from the outside world on port 80? When loading your instance as well are you using port 443 or 5678? that would make a big difference as well.

Thank you guys, for thinking along. Not sure what did the trick but I updated the email address to a different one and stopped/started docker-compose. Now everything seems alright :ok_hand:

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That is good to hear :+1: