Pull data on editing node [ALREADY EXISTS]

Hi :wave:

I thing it would be very great to pull data on editing node like zapier do.
For exemple, when I configure my slack, n8n could pull channel name and make me select in this list.
What do you think about this ? :slight_smile:

Ah yes, that is possible and can be implemented quite easily. The Asana Node does that for example. However did not do it for Slack as there the actual channel name can be used and not some ID so it did not seem necessary.

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Oh :heart_eyes:
I din’t see that it’s already possible. I’m working to integrate my saas to n8n. This feature will be so usefull.
Thank’s !

Yes very sorry I really still have a lot to improve on the documentation!

Really great to hear that you create a n8n integration. Looking forward to it. If you have any problems or questions simply post them again in the forum I always do my best to answer them asap.

I understand. We created our api for Twake and our documentation is to improve too.
I’m writing a little documentation for my team about n8n node. When it’s finished I’ll share you. It could be, maybe, useful.
Thank you for your reactivity :pray:

Ah yes, that sounds great and would be really helpful! Thanks!