Pushover Notification Formatting

I have a location trigger set up in pushcut that sends a webhook to n8n to pull data from a google sheet and send it via notifications in Pushover. There are multiple rows in the sheet data which then creates multiple notifications. This currently works great as I only have a couple of lines in the google sheet. I however do see a time where I have alot of data in this sheet and I am wondering how I can best merge these notifications. I am assuming I need to use a function node to merge the items into one before sending to Pushbullet?

Hi @Colin_Cameron, the Function node (or the Code node if you’re using the latest n8n version) would indeed be one possibility to merge data from multiple items into a single item.

It’s not the only option though. Depending on the data you’re processing and the notifications you’re trying to send, you could also consider the Item Lists node (and its Aggregate Items operation) or simply enabling the Execute Once setting on the Pushover node:


If you need help with transforming your data, perhaps you can share an example of the data you currently have and the data you’d like to have instead?