Python node [GOT CREATED]

Everybody knows the power of python and it would be great if it could be used in n8n.
I can think of 3 different nodes:

1.) general python script.
gets the json input and does something but does not produce a json output
ideally also with the ability to merge an arbitary number of streams.

2.) python json in → json out.
similar to the javascirpt function.

3.) pandas
similar to 2 but with everything setup for pandas input and output.
panda is very powerfull and can read and output json.

Then it would also be great if there is an official docker container with python preinstalled and the ability to use pip install to install other packages in a persistent way.

This are some rough ideas to get the discussion going.
I know that you could use the execute command node, which is good to have, but a better integration of python would be great.

Hey @symn!

Welcome to the community :wave:

Thank you for opening this Feature Request. I have come across a couple of community members who are using Python inside n8n. You can check the topic here: Running Python with n8n

I also think that this is a good idea, I have very limited experience with Python, but you can still do all this in n8n without the need for Python. You can take a look at the Core nodes, which allows you to perform certain actions without writing code!

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Hi, Yes I saw the topic you mention, which talks about the execute command node but not dedicated python nodes. I think the great thing with n8n is that you can combine no-code blocks with code blocks. Also sometimes its just faster and easier to write some code. Together with the existing core nodes this would open a lot more possibilities.
This would also potentially attract more users form the huge python community.


@symn is hinting to using python inside a node such as the function node

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I think this is a great idea. Is there a feature like this in the works?

I was about to create the same feature request :slight_smile:

Using Python or JS code as you want, just like “code by zapier” :slight_smile:
If possible, I want to avoid learning JS :rofl:


If it helps I am almost finished with a new node for that provides the ability to run Python through an API call.


Hey @symn !
I recently built a Python Node (Similar to Function Node)
You can find it here: GitHub - naskio/n8n-nodes-python: Run Python code on n8n
You can use the Docker Image GitHub - naskio/docker-n8n-python: Docker image for running Python on n8n Which has Python 3.10 pre-installed and includes this node
Good luck


This would be so nice if I can directly use python code
Think it would be good to have in the end a return statement where you can output data that can be used in following notes


Is this python node working? @naskdev Would you be willing to meet up online and figure out how to get it running on Cloudron with me?

Hello @roofboard
Yes, It is working normally.
The setup is quite straightforward using the Docker image, did you read the README file ?

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Just adding my support here. I’ve finally managed to move away from Zapier (yay!) but this is a feature that I’m missing big time. I find Python easier than Javascript and I really hope to see native Python support added in a later release.

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That is great to hear! Happy to share that it is currently in development:


AWESOME! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

So cool, thank you :slight_smile:

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sounds great.

Is there some forecast about a working release?

That will be a wonderful addition!

We are currently thinking about using a different library than the one I used in my above PoC. One that would be more secure. Sadly do not have an ETA yet. But I hope we can get it finished soon.


Hope to see it soon! :smile:

Welcome to the community @sackoh !

Actually good timing. Just finished around 2h ago upgrading the PoC to the new library. Looking good and is getting closer.