Query from JSON?

Hi everyone

Can I probably get query from a loaded JSON?

In my case:

  • I want to get a table information from google sheets.
  • I want to get query just rows that for example their ID column is 1.

Ah yes, you can do that either with a Function-Node and some code or I will release in the next days a new version of n8n with an addition to the Google Sheets-Node. That will then allow returning all matching rows.

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Hi dear@jan
Are there any updates from Google sheets?
Best regards

No sadly not yet. Simply way to much stuff to do.

@mooghermez Have good news. Now finally found some time to look into that. So it is now possible to add the option “Return All Matches”. If it gets added and set to true it will return all matches.

Got released with [email protected]

It’s so fantastic.
It (Return All Matches in Google Sheets) works exactly as I expect.
Thank you dear @jan

Thats great to hear! Have fun!