QuestDB node

How activaly is this node supported? Whilste working through the tuturial ‘A low-code bitcoin ticker built with QuestDB and’, I noticed that a few things were out of date. When specifying the Host in the credentials for QuestDB, I had to use host.docker.internal instead of localhost when running the n8n and questdb container in Docker (on macOS). Also, I could not get the Insert command to work, so I had to revert to Execute Query with: INSERT INTO ‘btc’ (price,timestamp) VALUES ({{$json[“price”]}},{{$json[“Timestamp”]}}) …

Hey @dickhoning, I am sorry to hear you’re encountering this behaviour. A localhost hostname would work if your QuestDB instance is available to n8n under this hostname. This would, however, depend on your environment. E.g. when using docker, localhost does not refer to the host machine but the container itself (and host.docker.internal would be a workaround for this on Windows and Mac as you have described).

As for the insert command, could you share some additional details on what isn’t working and what error exactly you were seeing? I have used this in the past and did not run into any issues.

@MutedJam here’s the error I’m getting …

I’ve got the automatic collections of Bitcoin prices working :slight_smile:

Now I would like to ad other crypto currencies. These can be collected via,ethereum … which gives me an array with prices on these crypto currencies.

Now I’m looking at logic that can ‘loop’ through this data and to create records for each individual entry.

Now before inventing the wheel, can anybody please point me in the right direction on how to approach this in n8n?

Thanks in advance!