Question about Ecommerce Active Campaign

Hi, anyone could help me about active campaign eccomerce?

Active Campaign Flow

  • Create customer
  • Create or update order

My question is about: How can I do to check if customer already exist, if not exist I’ll creator, IF exist I’ll create order

Hi @Frank_da_Silva_Costa, hope you’re well?

I don’t have an ActiveCampaign account so couldn’t test this first hand, but I think breaking your flow down to these steps should work:

  1. Search for the Contact using the Get All operation of the ActiveCampaign node. Enable the Always Output Data setting to prevent the workflow from stopping if no contact is found.
  2. Use an IF node to check whether a contact was found (e.g. by checking if the ID of a contact is > 0 - this check might need to be slightly different depending on how ActiveCampaign data looks like)
  3. And then either continue with creating the order (if a contact was found) or create the contact first (if no contact was found).

Hope this helps! Give me a shout if any of the above isn’t working so I can take a closer look (would be great if you could provide an example response from the ActiveCampaign node in this case - anything confidential can of course be redacted).

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