Question about Expression Editor

On one of my scenarios I have the following

and the results are like this:

Some results have multiple answers and some have none. Is there a way to show nothing if the results are blank instead of the , , , , , , , , ?

Right off the top of my head I would so something like:

{{[$node["Actor Article Query"].json["tipreports"][0]["name"], $node["Actor Article Query"].json["tipreports"][1]["name"]].filter(e => e).join(',')}}

[invalid (Expression is not valid: Malformed arrow function parameter list)]

I would use Terneray operator here. So it would be {{$node["Actor Article Query"].json["tipreports"][0]["name"] ? $node["Actor Article Query"].json["tipreports"][0]["name"]+ ',' :null}}

However, you will have to write this expression for the items in the array. A better approach for this would be to use a Function node. Let me know if you need help with that :slight_smile:

I’ve done this for now

just shows a blank spaces now which is better than before and results on new lines as i was looking for