Question about $node[].data and $node[].json

I noticed that the api has changed from




I have lots of workflows using the old api “.data” and I was wondering if that will be a breaking change in the future and if so, is there a way to update all of those to use the new api?

Would you be able to export the flows that use this and do a search/replace? You could probably look for ].data [ and replace it with ].json[. But, I would not do a global replace as there may be other nodes using the .data string.

Then, you can re-import the flow.

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Yes @Tephlon is right. That would be a possibility. Simply select all -> cut -> post into text editor -> replace -> select JSON in editor -> paste into n8n

Apart from that is it currently not planned to remove support for “.data”. It is possible that it will happen one day but as it does not hurt anybody, there is currently no reason for such a breaking change. Got only changed to make it more consistent and less confusing for people.

Got it! Thanks @Tephlon and @jan