Question - Friendly webhook forwarder with ui

what methods/tools do you use for webhook forwarding and management?

Looking to hardcode some webhooks for certain systems and would prefer to have some flexibility on webhook endpoints payload management.

N8n webhooks are created with their unique id on scenario creation, no flexibility to move this between instances.

Keen to add a layer of configuration and hardcode insurance in between.

Fast, stable, tracked/report auditing and easy to configure ui.
Happy to setup a dedicated subdomain for this with a docker.

So endpoint structure
→ n8n webhook endpoint

Looking for self hosted solutions :slight_smile:

Hi @Dwayne_Taylor, I suppose this isn’t an n8n specific question so you might get better answers in other communities. That said, I do remember this post on the r/selfhosted subreddit:

It sounds like Convoy might fit the bill for you. In case you do give it a go let us know how it goes and if it works well with n8n :slight_smile:

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