Question & Suggestion for the HubSpot Node

Dear All;

I have noticed that a parameter “Deal Stage” is repeated both in core parameters and Additional Fields in this node, my comments are;

  • Is this expected UI ? What will happen if I provide a “Deal Stage” in the additional fields too, which one will be send ?

For HubSpot and other CRM’s there is a common business flow such as:

  • Creating a Contact / Find Existing One
  • Search for a Company / Create if not Exists
  • Related a Contact with a Company
  • Create a Ticket for a Contact
  • Create a Deal with a Contact related to a Company. So it is a Deal in-between the Company and the Contact.

Would you like to consider supporting those Features below to develop for this purpose on HubSpot so we can build a full flow for CRM solutions.

Those EndPoints are useful for some cases as well;


Hey @umutgokcen.

The deal stage should not be there twice. I will fix that.

About the additional features, I will work on then as soon as I have time.

Thanks for writing that up.

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Dear @RicardoE105

I can not develop on this platform yet but I can prepare a kind of flow document if you need before you start working on.


@umutgokcen I’m working on it right now. Hopefully will be ready tonight.


Hey @umutgokcen just finished this. Took me a little bit longer than I thought. @jan will let you know when is released.

Thank you @RicardoE105 , you are great !

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Dear @RicardoE105, any updates on this topic?

Yeah, this should be available on the last version of n8n. It was released yesterday. It seems like we forgot to notify here.


Ah yes sorry! Is sometimes hard to keep an eye on everything that was in a release and what topics in the forum it relates to.

Got released with [email protected]

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Thank you! I notice that I forgot to follow you on Github, now following. Great work.

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Actually always best via Twitter and/or LinkedIn as we inform about new versions there.

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