Quickbboks node : VendorCredit needed

Hello to everybody.

In the Quickbooks node, I’m stucked in my project of linking Quickbooks and Airtable because there is no way to get the VendorCredits the same way bills ans purchases are.

Could you implement the same for VendorCredit ?

I really have a lot of that in my building business.

Thanks !

Hi. My request don’t seems to be very popular.

Is there a way to pay for this developpment or to support n8n with some money to accelerate this ?

I don’t think it’s would be very difficult since some similar events have been already implemented, but time is hard to find …

I was reading this similar subjet :

Is it a way to build a node that only request the element from a VendorCredit with the HTTP Request Node ?
I think I will have to dig into the Quickbooks API documentation ?

Is it a way to build a node that only request the element from a VendorCredit with the HTTP Request Node ?

You can do that with the HTTP node and the OAuth2 authentication.

Yes, you can find the endpoint in the docs and call it with the HTTP node.

YES !!!
I’ve succeeded … almost !

I’m just stucked very near to the end :

auth is ok
I’m in the http request node,
When I type a non variable string in the URL like :
it’s OK :smiley:

But I don’t find the way to ask with some parameters :
When i use query parameters, It send :
and not /vendorcredit/1053

please a last help ! :pray:

You need to add an expression in the path. Check the example below.

Thanks a lot for your response.
I really tried to do it by myself :

  • It took me a time to understand where to put the expression : obvious in fact :flushed:
  • I found that the code was much longer than the preview window of the forum :flushed:
  • I discovered expression with :
    But I don’t master javascript enough to understand where I need to modify your script

Could you explain it a little more please ?

I don’t think I’ve understood your code, in fact.

Does it create all the nodes for an fully working example ?

Where do I put that ? :open_mouth:

Ok, sorry, very easy in fact.
Found how to import a file and it’s now very obvious !!!
No need of javascript

Thanks !!!

I’im going to try right now !

Everything is working !!!

Thanks a lot.
I really appreciate .


Just for fun I started on this today, I have added the ability to Get, Get All and Delete Vendor Credits. Just need to sort out the bit everyone wants with the Create and Update.


:smiley: :pray:

Merci !