Quickbooks Online Integration [GOT CREATED]

A quickbooks online integration would be fantastic and would really up the appeal of n8n to business users. The use cases are plenty, such as:

  • Workflow that automatically queries if a customer exists, creates the customer on if/else, takes that customer and creates an invoice.
  • Record a stripe payment against a customer’s quickbooks balance
  • Create an estimate, then email that estimate to a customer.


Actions (BREAD model actions for all objects - browse/query, read, edit, add, delete) Most important:

  • Bill
  • Customer
  • Estimate
  • Invoice
  • Payment

Less important but still desirable:

  • Item
  • Vendor
  • Employee

Least Important

  • Account
  • CompanyInfo
  • Preferences
  • ProfitAndLoss
  • TaxAgency

Hey @MikeB,

Welcome to the community. Just added it to our to do list.

Awesome, I saw that Salesforce was already suggested but that’s another big one in the space. FYI, I was turned on to n8n by @airmoi if you’re handing out referral points.

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The Salesforce node is already done but it’s on another branch ( oauth-support ). Hopefully soon will be merge into master.

Brand new here. I voted for this feature, but just wondering if this is anywhere on the roadmap already? I see you guys are really working hard at adding new apps and nodes! Love the Google Calendar work, excited to see the triggers you’re working on for it! Keep up the great work. You’re this close to pulling me away from using a commercial service for integration!

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@Trevor_Gildersleeve welcome to the community.

Usually, we develop nodes depending on votes. The more votes the more chances. I have to say this one has good chances as it’s currently one of the ones with more votes.

Can you please tell us what functionality you would require exactly? Just to be sure that if this node gets created it does already what you need it to do.

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@RicardoE105 Thank you for the welcome and the opportunity to be specific about what I need.

For me personally and my upcoming project next month, I would require the following to be implemented:




There are many more, but these are what I currently need and is a good starting point to provide integrations between QuickBooks online and n8n!

Perhaps if you got them this far, I would be able to work out how to add the remaining services and contribute them back!

QuickBooks integration is nearly finished:

We’ll let you know when it’s released.


We forgot to update here but got released a while ago with [email protected]

Hi to everybody.

After the very useful help from @RicardoE105 in connecting my Quickbooks account to Airtable with n8n, I’m now stucked in my project :
Could you implement the same for VendorCredit ?
We do have a lot of that and we really need to sync VendorCredit the same way as Bill and Purchase.

Thanks !

Would you mind creating a feature request for VendorCredit? That way, people can upvote it.

It’s done ! Thanks