Quickbooks Online Integration

A quickbooks online integration would be fantastic and would really up the appeal of n8n to business users. The use cases are plenty, such as:

  • Workflow that automatically queries if a customer exists, creates the customer on if/else, takes that customer and creates an invoice.
  • Record a stripe payment against a customer’s quickbooks balance
  • Create an estimate, then email that estimate to a customer.


Actions (BREAD model actions for all objects - browse/query, read, edit, add, delete) Most important:

  • Bill
  • Customer
  • Estimate
  • Invoice
  • Payment

Less important but still desirable:

  • Item
  • Vendor
  • Employee

Least Important

  • Account
  • CompanyInfo
  • Preferences
  • ProfitAndLoss
  • TaxAgency

Hey @MikeB,

Welcome to the community. Just added it to our to do list.

Awesome, I saw that Salesforce was already suggested but that’s another big one in the space. FYI, I was turned on to n8n by @airmoi if you’re handing out referral points.

The Salesforce node is already done but it’s on another branch ( oauth-support ). Hopefully soon will be merge into master.