Raindrop.io Integration/node [GOT CREATED]

Hi there

It would be great if there was a direct raindrop.io integration (as a separate node).

Link to the API documentation:

Integration wishlist:

  • add/remove/edit/update items in raindrop.io
  • Upload file(s)
  • add new collections
  • get/edit/remove tags

Can you please list what you want the integration to do exactly. Only if we receive that information can we be sure that it supports the functionality you are interested in. Thanks a lot!

Hi jan

See updated main post. thx!

Great, thanks!

I’m also looking for raindrop integration. A good starting point is to start with the most basic thing: “add items”

So you can feed raindrop with URLs from other triggers.

Welcome to the community @ajimix!

If you are interested in a feature please upvote it. The Raindrop-Integration has for example not a single upvote yet and is so priority wise quite close to the bottom. Thanks!

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@ajimix @amalgam got created. We will let you know when it is released.


Got released with [email protected]