Randomly disappearing workflow modifications in N8N under Docker


I have been experiencing strange issues with N8N under Docker for a few days now. I have noticed that my modifications to workflows (editing, creating, and activating/deactivating) are disappearing after a few minutes or hours randomly. Sometimes, by restarting the docker and waiting, my modifications come back.

I have also noticed that I sometimes get update notifications available even though I am already up to date with the latest version. Finally, I had an issue where the containers were deleted a few hours ago.

I tried to put N8N in debug mode to get more information, but this caused the docker to crash.

Do you have any ideas on what could be causing these issues? I am open to any suggestions on how to resolve these problems.

Thanks in advance for your help!

The only thing that comes to mind would be that there is something messed up with your Docker or Database setup. Could for example be two n8n instances running in parallel.

Generally can not imagine that it is something in n8n itself. Did never hear of an issue like that before.

How do you run n8n exactly and how do the related files look like (for example docker-compose)?

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