React Integration : Do we have any integration document or sample app available for React + n8n

Hello All,
I am researching over a new requirement which is basically to create a workflow automation inside react and I found pretty good but after so much research i could not find if there is any direct integration or package or any sample app available for the same.

Any idea ?

Welcome to the community @manjit !

No, currently sadly nothing like that exists right now which allows directly loading n8n in a React app. If you want to do that, you would either have to load n8n in a separate window or an iframe. It is however planned to improve that in the future. Sadly do not have an ETA for that right now.

And just to be complete and avoid potential surprises. Not sure if you are aware of it but n8n is not “OSI approved open-source”, so to commercialize our code a special license agreement is required. If you are interested in doing that, you can reach out any time via our website to get a good understanding of how that would work.

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Looks like @jan explained everything.

Since the context of your question isn’t clear to me. I’m suggesting this.

If you are looking for sending data from React App to n8n. This might help you.

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