Read execution ID somewhere

Is it possible to retrieve from somewhere the execution id? i have some workflows, and i trigger them through a webhook. A good solution for me would be to have the execution id inside the webhook response. I think this isn’t achievable in this moment, but is there a possibility to have something like this in a near future?

I checked a bit of posts written here some months ago and i saw this wasn’t possible at that time. Asking again and hoping that this was added to the core.

If there are some other ways to achieve this i would like to know them.

Thank’s a lot.

Welcome to the community @Rs93!

No that is sadly currently still not possible. But got already implemented in the branch with the wait-functionality. Hope we are able to release it in the next few weeks, up to a month.

Ok, perfect. I’ll keep an eye on next core updates. Thank you very much.

When I look into the code of the wait node, I see a very exciting feature coming up! Is there already a rough release date?