Read zip file after HTTP Request connector

Good Morning. I would like to know how to read a zip file that was returned from a request in the HTTP Request node (Image2). Inside this file there is a folder “doc/” and inside this folder there are 5 files.

Note: I performed a test writing the file locally and reading it right away and it worked, the problem that I can’t write on my machine, I need to do this right after the requisition.

Hey @Gabriel_Takahashi,

Are you getting an error when trying the decompress step? it should just be a case of setting the binary property in the node to match what is in the HTTP Request node.

It just doesn’t return anything, but when I read the file locally and unzip it, what I need is returned.

That is odd, In your local test is the same zip or has been changed? I will see if I can reproduce it in a bit.

In theory it’s the same file.

Hey @Gabriel_Takahashi,

Oddly enough I don’t get the same issue when I test it here, What I have done is created a few text files, popped them in a folder called Data and compressed it.

Can you give the workflow below a go and let me know if it works for you?

I just discovered the problem, when it comes directly from the API it doesn’t return the file extension, which in this case is “.zip”, and node compress checks the extension to unzip.


I’ll see if I can get around this by adding this field with the node function