Reading file from S3 using n8n AWS S3 node and piping output to spreadsheet node

I am trying to get the content of file placed in S3 bucket using n8n S3 node and process it using spreadsheet node. The idea is to read each tab in excel and process it. S3 “Get All” operation seems to just return the list of files (metadata) and not the actual file content. Also “Download” operation retrieves the actual file and asks to download but I want to pipe it to spreadsheet node. Please suggest if this is the correct usage pattern or S3 node is not built for this purpose.

Hi @Praful_Khandelwal, the S3 node can’t parse spreadsheet files on the fly.

So the Download operation is the one you’re looking for. Once you have your file’s binary data in the S3 node, you can then read it using the Spreadsheet File node using the Read From File operation. Just make sure you use the same property name in both nodes: