Reading letters of different languages

I want to write the string (ex. Анэль Канагатова or عينة or empty) from mysql to mssql. But it can’t read the characters and ??? writes as. How can I make a conversion? I tried to write it in single quotes but it didn’t work.

Hey @Cansu_Altunbas,

If you run a select query on your database are the values stored correctly?

yes it is working. also i tried this process on other platforms (eg knime) no problem

Does n8n correctly display the value when pulling it from MySQL?

yes it true

That is always a good sign then, So I take it then the issue is once it is written to MSSQL you get the different value?

If you did a manual insert does it work as expected? I don’t have a MSSQL setup available at the moment but my initial thought is maybe it needs a special collation on the database a bit like MySQL does.

I solved my problem. When writing the string to mssql, I added N at the beginning to cast it to nvarchar. (N’Анэль Канагатова’) :partying_face:


Hey @Cansu_Altunbas,

That is some nice work there and something I am going to make a note of as it sounds useful.

can you please explain how did you add that (N’Анэль Канагатова’) to the string? kinda missing it here
in my db it shows as N’??? ???’
i am using N’{{$json[“store”][“address”] }}’ inside a SET node for a string