Reading RSS feed

Maybe someone can help me better. I am trying to setup this RSS feed:

But due to having a XML structure, not being able to use the “RSS reader”. Anyone has any workaround idea to run this feed? Thank you.

You can download file with HTTP node as string.
And parse it later with Xml node.

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Hi @Miquel_Colomer,
I tried that, but only got the page datasource in return and not the feed itself. Thanks.

Have you tried the right RSS feed?

I have checked dataset at

Suposing that you want to parse events from the existing rss feed, you need to add RSS node and parse

This rss returns the last 1000 events.

Hope this helps.


Hi @Miquel_Colomer,
Disregard, complete brain fart, I thought I added that link and not the initial one and kept going and not checking the URL. Thanks a 1000 :slight_smile:.

You are welcome!