Real-time logging for "Execute command" node

This feature can be applied to other nodes as well, not just execute command. But it is most useful for it.

The idea is:

To have a real-time log streaming capability to see stdout for a command in real-time, just like Github Actions. Following is a screenshot from GitHub, the idea is similar.

My use case:

I utilize n8n for some of my pentesting recon scans, some commands I use take a very long time (over 12 hours) to complete. It would be nice if I can see the stdout in realtime so I know what is happening, there are couple of reasons:

  • Partial output is immediately useful, I can start investigating some of the results without waiting for the full command to complete.
  • Sometimes the command gets stuck in an infinite loop due to various reasons (bad DNS, weird target server configs, etc). By looking at the stdout I will be able to find the issue and abort the workflow if necessary.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Better observability overall for the platform. Could be beneficial for everyone.

Any resources to support this?

Almost all CI/CD platform have this capability, I would imagine this is useful (at least it is useful for me).

Are you willing to work on this?

Yes, but I would imagine this will require extensive modification. Want to confirm with the team first.

Hi @junzhengca

Welcome to the community!

Don’t forget to vote on this yourself. :slight_smile: