Real Time Search in Telegram from the database

Hi all! Today I saw a bot that issues search queries in real time. I don’t have to send him a message. It changes the search results while I’m typing. in the photo I entered 3 letters “opp” and it shows the result. I blurred out the bot’s name so you didn’t think I was advertising it.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to do this on n8n?

I just noticed that the @telegraph bot (the official telegram bot for creating static web pages) uses exactly the same type of search only for your publications.

Hi @wedlex, Telegram calls this “inline mode” or “inline bot” depending on where you read about it. You’d need to enable this with Telegram:

Afterwards your Telegram trigger would simply run for every letter your users enter after the initial @bot_nickname, the query itself will then be part of the inline_query field:

You can then use the Callback → Answer Inline Query operation to respond to the query.

Hope this helps!

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