Receiving data from Gravity Forms

Hi! I’m trying to get a form from Gravity Forms via webhook.

I don’t know where I’m going wrong. I did it on integromat and got 100%, it works ok.

But on the n8n he hadn’t fired.

  • I have already set “test” mode and activated “execute workflow”
  • I’ve already set “production” mode and activated the scenario
  • Tested get and post

Here’s the config I’m doing in gravity:

And in N8N, and on n8n the webhook is also in get:

  1. If the webhook in gravity sends in GET, in n8n it receives in GET too, right?
  2. In gravity form I send in JSON, correct? But there is a “FORM” function that I don’t know what it is.
  3. Do I need to put some header?

Hi @igordisco, unfortunately it seems Gravity Forms doesn’t offer a free trial so I couldn’t test this on my end. In general, n8n’s Webhook node does supports both the GET method as well as JSON data. No additional headers are required by n8n.

That said, could there be a confusion between the production and test behaviour of your workflow? Data sent to the Production URL will not show up on your workflow editor. You would need to open the list of past executions to view previous runs (and configure your workflow to save data in the first place):

When building your workflow you would usually want to use the Test URL and click Execute Node. Data sent to the Test URL will show up in your workflow editor and can be used to build your workflow:

The above example was sent to my n8n instance using their demo.

Regarding test mode and production mode, everything is fine.

I even used the webhook in other workflows, and I understood that you need to “run” in test and “save” in production.

But the problem is that nothing arrives in the webhook.

On both N8N and Gravity Forms I have the option to select GET or POST.

I was in doubt which I have to use.

I’ll try again!

So whether you use GET or POST is essentially up to you, both should work. Do you have logging enabled for your Gravity Forms webhooks (Forms → Settings → Logging → Gravity Forms Webhooks Add-On)? If so, you might want to check whether your webhook has been triggered and what error might have occured. This should provide additional pointers as it would contain any error n8n might have sent, e.g.:

Hey MJam!

Thanks for the tip of log (which should be the first thing i should have done i’m sorry)


"SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate (0) "

I’ll solve the ssl and return here. tks

Works like a charm

CleanShot 2021-11-22 at 23.57.57

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Awesome news, thanks a lot for confirming!