Recommendation for deployment and installation

Hello community

I just discovered n8n and the software seems to be really great.

I plan to use it as a backend for an online interactive game platform. A platform front on the web directly.

I tried to do an installation on Azure yesterday and couldn’t get it to work with Kubernetes.

Before I spend more time, I would like to get your opinion and recommendations. I think the ddos attack protection aspect and the workload and proxy aspect is important if I ever get multiple requests at once.

I’m wondering where to go with the deployment knowing that I have all the options in front of me. I imagine that by NPM on Linux for example with Node.js would be very simple to install, but will it be stable to handle a lot of traffic. I’m a bit lost in all this.

Your recommendations will be very much appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

Hey @arsxp,

Welcome to the community :tada:

This is all going to depend on your experience with k8s, If you wanted to scale automatically it is easier to do it as needed but you could also just use npm on Linux and manually scale or automate with a script based on whatever metric you wanted to use.

You can still have multiple instances with npm so the only thing you would really lose is a lot of the convenience that comes with k8s.

Thank you very much!

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