Reddit authentication (IP, not localhost)

I can’t use my application because the callback URL is localhost, and I set it to the IP of my n8n instance, but I believe n8n isn’t respecting this, therefore Reddit throws an error.

Any advice?

Hey @voarsh2!

I used the localhost callback URL and it works fine for me. May I know how you’re running n8n?

I’m running it on a virutal machine so I cannot run it on “localhost”.

Is your callback URL similar to https://localhost:5678/callback? If you’re running on a virtual machine, is your instance accessible through a domain?

I haven’t made it available via a domain, I don’t know if I can at this point. But I can reach it via a LAN IP. N8n is forcing localhost upon me…

Hey @voarsh2!

Were you able to solve this?

Since you’re running n8n in a Virtual Machine your instance is not accessible by anyone. You can start n8n with tunnel and export the URL.

Sorry, I don’t understand.
Like I’ve said, when I try and setup Reddit, n8n is forcing a localhost address for me, but I am using
In short, I’ve made no further progress on this.

Then you can set the environment variable WEBHOOK_TUNNEL_URL as documented here: