Reddit integration [GOT CREATED]

Looking forward for Reddit integration :wink:

Hey @r3cznik,

Welcome to the community. Could explain the use case you are interested in?


I want to set up notification when new submission was posted on monitored subreddit (with declared conditions eg, topic contains “string” and url contains a “string”)


@r3cznik Thanks for the clarification. We will check it out soon.

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+1 for this please :slight_smile:

+1 to be able to integrate with reddit.

Take info from one place, post it into a subreddit.

+1 to this. It’s one of the major platforms missing from other similar services so would make n8n stand out. Can’t use webhooks etc so the only way is a direct integration.

also +1 for this :smile:

Welcome to the community @amalgam!

If you are interested please also upvote this feature. You can do that on the top of the page left of the title. Thanks!

Reddit integration has been created and is up for review:

We’ll let you know when it’s released!


Got released with [email protected]

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Now I can try to migrate from NodeRed :slight_smile:

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Great to hear @r3cznik. Have fun!

Thank you so much for making the Reddit Node possible!
Question from my side: Is it also planned to support the search operation?
e.g. search subreddit “blabla” for “search term” - I will then get all matching posts


Thanks for the suggestion. Added to my TODO list.

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@amalgam got created. We will let you know when it is released.

Got released with [email protected]

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Thanks for this, I really appreciate your commitment to implementing community suggestions!

QQ (maybe I’m being daft): Is there any way to observe new posts being created in a certain subreddit? The ideal workflow would be to create a post observer (filtered by new/top/hot) which then feeds filtered data into another node.

The only way I can think to achieve this functionality right now would be to do something such as:

  1. fetch n (offset by pinned) posts from a given category in a subreddit (eg: hot posts in r/mechanicalkeyboards)
  2. cache these posts somewhere
  3. constantly poll the API with a heuristic to mark posts that haven’t been cached as new
  4. pipe the new post into the next flow