Reddit node returns always empty

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I have set up the reddit node, however it is returning This is an item, but it’s empty.
No matter what I try it is the same issue. If i set subreddit with /r/easynote or just easynote or if I try to fetch data from subreddits the output is same.

Any suggestions?

Running version: 0.230.3

Hi @Mec :wave:

I was able to just post to that subreddit with a new Reddit account, and am not having any errors with any other aspect of the node.

Have you also followed and clicked “register”, and filled out the form? After making sure I had an app created at and submitting that form, I’ve no issues fully using the node.


That part I’ve missed completely. Thanks a lot @EmeraldHerald


No problem, @Mec - Reddit makes it a little confusing :sweat_smile:

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