Redirect_uri for Pushbullet via Docker container?


I installed n8n in a Docker container on my Synology NAS and set it up on my own domain name via custom DNS and a reverse proxy, i.e. I access the service via https://n8n.mydomain.tld. I do this for all my containers, so far so good.

I then created an Oauth client in Pushbullet, and added Credentials in N8N, which gives me this callback URL:

If I use that URL in the Pushbullet settings, it tries to redirect but fails as I’m doing all this in a browser on my PC, so the localhost redirect won’t work.

If I change the callback URL above to
https:// n8n.mydomain.tld/rest/oauth2-credential/callback (space added because of antispam)

then when I try to grant access I get this: “The param ‘redirect_uri’ has an invalid value.” I checked and that URL does work. I also tried via http (my reverse proxy has rules to redirect to https) and with ipaddress:port instead of n8n mydomain tld (dots removed because of this forum’s antispam rules for new users), all of these variations get rejected. I’m at a loss what else I should try to get a functional redirect URI to work. Thanks for any help!

@otravers welcome to the community.

Not 100% sure but sit seems to me that you have to set the env variable WEBHOOK_TUNNEL_URL with your domain.

for example: export WEBHOOK_TUNNEL_URL=https://n8n.mydomain.tld/


Thanks a lot @RicardoE105, I added that as an ENV variable to my container and that solved it.