Reinstate secrets/password viewing capability

Hi all.

The credentials’ secrets/password have been hidden from v0.208.0 onwards and are not retrievable anymore from the Editor-UI.

While this feature might have utility for Enterprise users with Paid features (like credential sharing among users), it doesn’t seem to make much sense (at least to me) to hide them permanently (not able to view/copy/decrypt in the Editor-UI)

  • For users of the community version, as credential sharing is already not an option.
  • And single-user instances

In my case, for the multitude of saved credentials, particularly those that are ‘n8n-use only’, there’s never been a need to save them elsewhere.

My recommendation:

  • Have an environment variable that enables/disables credential viewing altogether, or
  • Allow credentials to be decrypted & become visible & copy-able, momentarily, based on a master password/otp etc. (the way a lot of password managers do it)

This recommendation is primarily for single-user/community version instances.

Also, i think it would be really nice, if major changes applicable only for Paid version scenarios don't have breaking impact on the Community version scenarios.