Remember the workflow sorting order

Not sure if I have overlooked something but I couldn’t find any suggestion I did.

I think it would be nice to remember the sorting order of workflows. We have around 20 workflows at this stage and the workflow lists seems to be ordered by “updated” by default, meaning if some colleague updates a workflow it moves to the top next time you open it. So when not using the search field I almost always sort the workflows by name first (as this keeps the order somewhat predictable thanks to a consistent naming scheme).

As such I would love to see n8n storing the sorting order of workflows (and going forward maybe something like tags or a folder-like structure to organize larger numbers of workflows).

Yes totally agree. n8n needs a proper way to organize workflows. Here an existing feature request:


Sweet, didn’t see that one but have now voted on it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link!

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@MutedJam just wanted to say that we’re designing workflow organization functionality this week and your feedback is part of our research doc. Thanks for your insights!


This is great to hear, thanks for sharing :slight_smile: