Remove accents


I’m looking for a solution to remove the accents from a sentence coming from a STRING “Text” set.

Example: J’ai été à la pêche. → J’ai ete a la peche.

Do you have any idea how to do this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

2022-02-12 at 06.24.05

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Hi @Lyoto

(I’m not familiar with these accent words or letters)

The simple workaround is to use External Modules to get your job done.

You need this package.

You can refer to this thread for setting up this package.

Once this package is installed and loaded, We can use the Function node to solve your use-case


Please update your question with the n8n version, n8n platform (npm, docker, desktop).


This worked for me:



Hello refix, How can we use remove accents on n8n ?

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