Remove item from json response

From our licensedistributor I get the following response from their API.
The first items is our internal name “KVH” which we want to buypass since we do not invoice ourselves…
Is there a easy function perhaps I can use to buypass the first items in such a response, or by f.ex the “CompanyName”? The list is pr. now 102 items, and I want it to be 101 items (not our own company). Hope it makes sense :slight_smile:


Hi @frankemann, you’re probably looking for the IF node here:

This example filters out items with a specific name (so only 4 out of the 5 incoming items will come out on the “True” output):

You can of course adjust this example to filter based on a CompanyName field instead :slight_smile:

That is just brilliant! :slight_smile:
Operation “not equal” to my companyname, created the perfect output :slight_smile:

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