Removing a row if it has certain word within it

I’m trying to figure out how to remove the row that has “dt” in it and return the rest of the json?



"lat": 53.9,

"lon": -6.7,

"timezone": "Europe/Dublin",

"timezone_offset": 3600,

"hourly": [


"dt": 1693155600,

"temp": 16.7,

"feels_like": 16.49,

"pressure": 1012,

"humidity": 79,

"dew_point": 13.04,

"uvi": 0.43,

"clouds": 75,

"visibility": 10000,

"wind_speed": 5.51,

"wind_deg": 318,

"wind_gust": 10.25,

"weather": [


"id": 500,

"main": "Rain",

"description": "light rain",

"icon": "10d"

Hi @Conor_Storey Welcome to the n8n community :tada:

Are you looking for this?

Ye my bad, I only sent a snippet of the code and what you sent works perfectly for that, but in this use case I need it to automatically remove certain entries in the json from a http request which is every 10 minutes, I tried this but it ERROR: Unexpected string [Line 120]

delete items[0].json.“dt”;
return items;

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