Replace image on Google slide show page

Friends, I need to replace an image that is on a Google Slides page and with the Google Slides node, I can only change the texts.

Would there be any way to replace an image with the google slides node or another node?

Sorry for the insistence guys, I still have a hard time finding content related to n8n in my native language and as you may have noticed I suck in English. Maybe no one here knows the answer or maybe I have expressed it wrong.

I have a presentation on google slides and I need to change an image using n8n.

When integrating via zapier ( I just need to inform the image url to change. I tried the same for n8n and it is not working.

Welcome to the community @Brunno_Alves_Silva

Sadly that is currently not possible. To make that work it seems like the method Replace Image has to be added.

I made this post a feature request. Make sure you vote for ir.

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