Request for feature: Hide manual execute workflow button for scheduled workflows

Dear n8n team,

I am writing to request a feature for the n8n workflow editor that would allow users to hide the manual execute workflow button when using a scheduled trigger. Currently, the manual execute workflow button remains visible even when a workflow has a scheduled trigger, which can be confusing and lead to accidental manual execution of the workflow.

I believe that this feature would be very useful for users who want to ensure that their workflows only run according to the schedule that they have configured, and not be manually executed at any other time. It would provide an additional level of control and flexibility for users, and help prevent any unintended consequences from manual execution of scheduled workflows.

I would appreciate it if you could consider adding this feature to a future release of n8n. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Hi @Kunal_Mahajan

Don’t forget to vote on this your self. :slight_smile:

I would not like this feature as I often have scheduled workflows that If I do some work on them I run them manually. It is of course a good idea that you create workflows that can always run without issues. As this would make them more reliable.

You can check a variable to see if it is live, which you can already build into your workflow.

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On top is that button also mainly there for building/developing workflows. So allowing that only if a Manual-Trigger node is there would make doing so kind of painful.

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