Request for Integration of Authentication Method and Refresh Token Management: Get Access & Refresh Tokens

Hello everyone,

I would like to integrate an authentication method into my application using the Ermeo API. To accomplish this, I need to obtain access and refresh tokens by making a POST request to the following URL:

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POST [API_URL]/oauth/v2/token


The request body should be in application/json format and include the necessary credentials to retrieve the access token from a username and password, along with the refresh token for future management.

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  "grant_type": "password",
  "client_id": "[YOUR_CLIENT_ID]",
  "client_secret": "[YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET]",
  "username": "[YOUR_USERNAME]",
  "password": "[YOUR_PASSWORD]",
  "refresh_token": "[YOUR_REFRESH_TOKEN]"
  • grant_type (string): The type of credentials to be provided in the request body to retrieve the tokens.
    • Allowed values: password, refresh_token
  • client_id (string): The client ID provided to you.
  • client_secret (string): The client secret provided to you.
  • username (string): Your username.
  • password (string): Your password.
  • refresh_token (string): The refresh token from your previous authentication.


If the request is successful, the response will be returned with an HTTP 200 status code and a body in application/json format containing all the information required to execute subsequent requests.

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  "access_token": "[YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN]",
  "expires_in": "[TOKEN_EXPIRATION_TIME]",
  "token_type": "bearer",
  "refresh_token": "[YOUR_REFRESH_TOKEN]",
  "scope": "[SCOPE_VALUE]"
  • access_token (string): The token that needs to be passed in the headers of all other requests.
  • expires_in (string): The number of seconds the access token is valid for.
  • token_type (string): The type of token, which will always be “bearer” in every case.
  • refresh_token (string): The refresh token needed when the access token has expired.
  • scope (string): Deprecated field.

Feel free to reach out if you need any further information or clarification.

Thank you.

Hi @Daradaal, are you running into any problem when making these requests with the HTTP Request node? If so, which errors exactly are you seeing?