Request node's body

I would like to make request to notion API via request node to change db props (notion node does not support this action yet)
Ref: Update database

Where I should put data? Is it body’s field?

Also, how can I generate the structure since there are obj in obj in array in obj I cannot figure this out, I tried like that:

But unfortunately SET node response ERROR:Expression is not valid: Unexpected token ‘]’ [Error in parameter: “values.string”]

Thanks in advance!

–data is the flag curl uses to send a POST request, which has nothing to do with the property where you send the data.

-d, --data <data> Send specified data in POST request. Details provided below.

You need to send in the body is an object with the properties shown in the picture you share. To do that, set the JSON Parameters parameter to true.

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Yeah that was it!
Thanks a lot!

For future users have a look for this WF: