Request on AWS S3 bucket integration

Hi, I am the SSL guy if you have recognized me.

I would like to request an integration on S3 AWS, similar to Google Drive.

Hey dude, you just say it is similar to Google Drive! What are you requesting?

Yes, we can send file and store them in the drive.
However, we usually make use of service account to manipulate the drive.
To my limited knowledge, I cannot increase my drive Quota of 15GB. Which means I need to keep changing my service account when the workflow fills them up.
Therefore, I am seeking S3 as an alternative.
(Or someone teacg me how to increase the drive Quota of a service account. I am more than welcome being lectured.)
I understand it is not an easy task. Please let me know how I can get involved if needed.

Welcome to the community @coolpay64!

Actually wanted to have one for a while. Should probably be be to complicated. Could you please have a look @RicardoE105.