Request URL is not verified in the events subscription in slack integration

Hey @Dakshana_Jayakumar,

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Can you complete the template we provide it gives us some information like would be helpful to work this out like what execution mode you are using, what your workflow looks like that is responding to that request, how you have n8n deployed and what version you are using.

At the moment this issue could be a few different things like maybe the URL is wrong as it doesn’t have the webhook part of the path although this could be changed in your config, It could be that the workflow is not active or maybe the workflow is not returning the challenge correctly.

I have tested the URL quickly and I get the below back so I suspect ngrok is not correctly configured.

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Hey @Jon
So I tried configuring the ngrok server and now facing the below errors for GET and POST methods

Can you help me in resolving it ?

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Hey @Dakshana_Jayakumar,

Sadly those error pages are not coming back from n8n so it sounds like there is still an issue with your ngrok setup.

Can you share the exact steps you took to setting up n8n with ngrok?

Hi @Jon
So the thing is programmatically I was not fetching the json body and returning back to slack.
And other one was the local project server port was not working properly.

Resolved the issue. Now it is working fine as expected. Thanks for the support

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