[resolve] Multiple rss to rocket chat


So far i have managed to send rss feeds to rocket chat.
But I would like to optimize the fact of having several rss feeds, and got some issue.

On the other hand I only receive those of the first link, and not the whole rss links setted to rss link function.
I don’t know if this is the best way to go ?
(i cannot paste multiple link - first time register)

rss list : 11 rss link
SplitInBatces1 : set to 11
RSS feed : {{$node[“SplitInBatches1”].json[“url”]}}
Function6 :

const staticData = this.getWorkflowStaticData('global');

latestRead = staticData.latestRead;

for (let item of items) {
  item.json.latestRead = latestRead || '1970-01-01';

return items;

Filter RSS : some filter with expression to catch Tile, Url, …
{{$node[“RSS Feed”].json[“title”]}}

okay, now everything works fine. Don’t know why because i didnt change anythings…
The only thing, it post all rss feed, not only the latest off all… But Function6 might do the job, normally ?
Can you explain me ?


Ok, i figured out with this link :


Hi sorry for reviving an old thread. I wonder if @Jeremy_Bepoix can share the code for the image above please. Thanks