[RESOLVED] [BUG - Node Webhook] Test webhook not working as excepted


First of all thank you for this awesome project.

I have some basic issue with the webhook node.

N8n version: 0.135.1
Installed on a debian VPS on OVH, onto caprover via docker

Following exactly this introduction does not work:

I followed these steps


Then step 4, no feedback at all from the UI… I tested a lot of different things and it didnt worked at all… same issue.

I have this error into the web console, maybe something related ?

Firefox cannot establish a connection with the server at https://n8n.mausersr.app/rest/push?sessionId=cms11o8csw

Thank you for your support :frowning:

Hey @Maus3rSR!

Welcome to the community :sparkling_heart:

This issue seems to be caused due to mis-configuration. You may want to check your reverse proxy configurations. If you’re using nginx, this might be helpful: Nginx configuration - #7 by Arnaud


Hey ! Just found, needed to enable websocket support from caprover ! Everything works well ! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the time !