Respond Webhook logic with other workflows

Describe the issue/error/question

Do Respond webhook from different worflows still count as 1?

What is the error message (if any)?

Hi, I was reading through the documentation for Respond webhook, and it mentions that in case of using multiple respond webhooks, if the first is successful, the other ones will not be executed.
Would this be the same case if I execute another respond webhook in another workflow?

I run a workflow, flow finishes and respond webhook sends the response, after I call another worflow from the current and there would be another respond webhook after that.

Would this work? Reason is that I need to provide two responses throughout the 2-step process.

Thank you very much.

Hey @Jorge_M,

That would be my understanding, Typically when anything web based responses to a request it is just the one response as the client probably wouldn’t be expecting a second.

Are you able to share more about what you are trying to do so we can have a think about it?

Hi @Jon,
I am making for example, first a worflow to update all WordPress data, and then a response webhook would say “Database updated”, then I would like to call another workflow to update contacts in Hubspot and then another webhook response saying “Contacts updated in the CRM”, I am using messages in the frontend to display these webhook response texts…

Thank you very much.

Hey @Jorge_M,

So is it more combining the responses before sending it back to the client or are you polling the same URL and expect a different response?

Maybe I have misunderstood and when you say you would like call another workflow maybe that is a second webhook call…

Hi @Jon ,
It’s 2 workflows, where one calls the other when first is finished.

How it works is, when starting first workflow via webhook, I trigger a popup on my frontend, then when that workflow finishes, sends the response via the “respond Webhook” and that make sin my frontend to close the popup and then call another workflow to start updating the CRM, in this 2nd worflow, at the end I need another Respond webhook so that when process is finished, I get a message in my frontend “CRM Update successfully”.

Hope it makes more sense now :slight_smile: have a great rest of weekend.

Hey @Jorge_M,

So just to clarify you are making 2 different HTTP requests to your n8n webhook and you just want to use the webhook response from a called workflow rather than trying to use 2 respond to webhooks for one HTTP call?

Hi @Jon,
Sorry for the delay, I am using 2 workflows:

Workflow 1 works by having:

  1. Webhook to initiate
  2. Http request
  3. Webhook respond
  4. Call another workflow after 3

Workflow 2:

  1. Gets the response of the 4
  2. Calls another Http Request
  3. Webhook respond
  4. End of workflow and whole process

These is a 2 step process because needs to provide 2 diferent results in a screen, but 2nd workflow only runs if 1 is successful.

Thanks :slight_smile: .

Hey @Jorge_M,

So are you expecting the result of workflow 2 step 3 to appear in workflow 1 step 1 from that HTTP Request?

I am actually also curious about this. I have a trigger workflow that runs separate workflows. I am trying to send a response down the workflow tree from workflow 3 > 2 > 1.

Is this possible?

Nevermind, forgot to put webhook responses on those workflows. Ha! Works great.